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Garden Lodge


A character garden building with 1ft overhang, and windows on front and down both sides.

Apex style roof
12mm tongue & groove shiplap
Windows 24'' x 18''
45mm x 32mm Framework
Hasp & staple for extra security
Door 30'' wide
Fancy hinges
Full joinery door
1ft overhang in addition to given measurements
Fancy door handle
Double doors £150 available on 10ft width only
Height approx 5'.4'' to the eaves, 7'.9'' to the ridge for 8x10ft summerhouse, centre ridge varies with size
Sizes & Prices
6x8 £880 8x8 £1060
6x10 £1030 8x10 £1320
10x10 £1430 10x12 £1640

Please note: Floor sizes are 4" shorter eg. 8'x6' floor would be 92"x68"

Fitting service available, 10% of cost minimum £50.00

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