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Classic Summerhouse


Perfect for all the family and sets off any garden beautifully. Summerhouse comes with single joinery door non opening windows in front and sides which vary depending on size. Veranda 3ft inc of the total size. Summerhouse double doors £150.00 extra (available on 10ft width only) Opening windows available, optional extra.

Summerhouse with Apex Style Roof
Door Width 30", Double doors available
Choice of railed or boarded Veranda
12mm Shiplap T&G Cladding
45mm X 32mm Framework
20kg Green Mineral Felt other roofing available
Autumn Gold Preservative Coated To Exterior And Interior
Option of Hand painted in range of colours.
Free Delivery within our delivery area and fitting service available
Other sizes available to meet your requirements please ask
Height approx 5'.4'' to the eaves, centre varies with size.
Sizes & Prices
Size L x W 12mm Shiplap 18mm Loglap
9' x 8' £1150 £1600
10' x 9' £1360 £1900
11' x 8' £1420 £1985
11' x 10' £1570 £2195
13' x 8' £1630 £2280
13' x 10' £1880 £2640

Please note: Floor sizes are 4" shorter eg. 8'x6' floor would be 92"x68"

Fitting service available, 10% of cost minimum £50.00

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