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The Fundamental Construction of Our Garden Buildings

(Any variation is stated next to relevant building)

  • FLOOR: Made from full tongue and groove, with floor bearers running along the longest length approx. 1ft apart. The bearers allow air flow which keeps the floor dry, it is important that the gaps are not blocked which will cause damp and damage to the shed.
  • WALLS: Pine frame cladded with tongue and groove pine shiplap/feather edge.
  • ROOF: Tongue and groove shiplap covered with shed felt.
  • FRAME: Pine 45mm x 32mm finished, rounded on all four corners.
  • DOOR: Tongue and groove shiplap. Fitted with a hasp and staple all std. Doors are 30″ wide; height varies with type of shed.
  • WINDOWS: Std. windows are fixed with 3mm horticultural glass 18″ x 24″. Toughened glass available as an optional extra.
  • TONGUE AND GROOVE: Pine Tongue and Groove Shiplap 12mm x 120mm.
  • TREATMENT: All buildings with the exception of tanalised timbers, are treated with a first coat of treatment. We recommend that you treat your shed after it has been erected and every year thereafter.
  • PLEASE NOTE: All buildings are 4″ shorter then stated. e.g. for a 8′ x 6′ shed, floor size is 92″ x 68″. All sizes of timber given are finished size after machining.

General Information

  • ACCESS: It is important to check for access to ensure that the panels can be taken with ease to the point where the building is to be erected. You must inform us at time of ordering If the only access is via entering the house, or side access has height restrictions or is a covered alley way, so we can best advise with options.
  • TIMBER: Whilst every care is taken in purchasing the correct grade of timber for shed construction, timber being a natural product, does shrink and expand according to weather/temperature. Knot holes and cracks can occur during this process. This is, unfortunately. beyond our control.
  • ROOF: The felt we use is new and specially formulated for use on garden sheds. Occasionally, the felt can wrinkle: this is due to temperature changes and not to any fault in the product.
  • BASE: The base should ideally be made of concrete, slabs or our raft system, Most importantly, it MUST BE LEVEL. we can offer advice please ask.

How to Order Your Shed

  1. Find out which shed you like, make a note of the type and size, at which end you would like the door, and how you would like it hinged, along with any optional extras.
  2. Phone us on our national hotline place your order with our experienced Telesheds staff who will make sure you choose the right shed. They will give you a delivery date. Approximate time of delivery will be advised on day of delivery.
  3. Payment is with bank transfer (preferred payment) CREDIT/DEBIT CARD payment via link upon ordering, sorry no cheques. For large and special orders a deposit can be arranged to confirm order, balance to be paid before delivery, if you wish to pay cash please ask for details.

Its So Easy

There is no pressure from our staff-just helpful advice.

YOUR INFORMATION: The information you give us about yourself will not be used via any third party other then for our own use, it is not sold or traded in any way what so ever.

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