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Raft System for Garden Buildings

Our raft system with its simple common sense approach ofers you an excellent alternative to the more tradition concrete or slab base. This method allows more air flow, also much less water is in contact with the floor bearers keeping the building dry, which makes your investment last longer.
No foundation needs to be dug, or concrete to set, means we can finish laying the raft and erecting your building the same day. Not only does this simple system saves you money and is kinder to the environment, it is easy to reposition if you need to relocate you building, saving you breaking up the old concrete and disposing it.


To install a raft we ask of you is to ensure the area is leveled out for us prior to us arriving, we will place slabs at pressure points to prevent subsidence and bring the area to a level, a raft is then placed on top, ready for the shed to be built, simple. Example shown below.

slab_for_raft slabs_for_raft shed_on_raft

Price List for Raft System

6x4 7x5 8x5 8x6 8x8 10x6 10x8 12x6 12x8
£80 £90 £99 £110 £140 £150 £180 £200